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The passion and dedication of each of our developers and presenters resulted in this learning opportunity.  Our desire is for teachers to use the information for personal growth and professional development, upliftment of teachers and ultimately to the benefit of the youth of South Africa.

The SACE accredited content of our courses include research, knowledge and many years of experience, presented in video format to make your learning process easy and convenient.

Our system enables us to track your progress and provide SACE with updated monthly reports about your completed CPTD activities.

What teachers say about our platform:

” I work full-time at a school as a teaching assistant, I coach sport after school and I am studying full time after hours. This leaves little time in a day to do extra courses to enhance and improve not only my CV but also the manner in which I treat the learners I come in contact with daily. CPTD-Online has made it easy to learn more about and how to identify and treat everyday issues in our school environments, such as divorce, trauma, teen pregnancies, anxiety and cultural diversity. The best part of this learning platform is I can do it all while sitting in a relaxed environment and completing it in the time I have available, which is usually past 8 in the evening. The site is extremely easy to navigate and the modules are broken up into small manageable sizes that helped me stay focused. I also enjoyed the fact that when I needed a refresher, I was able to log onto my account and listen to the content again. CPTD-Online is a great program that I would recommend all teachers and teaching students join. Thank you for making it easy to better myself. ” Jené Merry

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We have partnered with sponsors to ensure that continuous professional development are affordable and available to teachers across the country