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The passion and dedication of each of our developers and presenters resulted in this learning opportunity.  Our desire is for teachers to use the information for personal growth and professional development, upliftment of teachers and ultimately to the benefit of the youth of South Africa.

The SACE accredited content of our courses include research, knowledge and many years of experience, presented in video format to make your learning process easy and convenient.

Our system enables us to track your progress and provide SACE with updated monthly reports about your completed CPTD activities.

What teachers say about our platform:

I started doing the training sessions in 2019 and did it in the time that I had. At first I felt that it as a burden to finish all the training manuals found on the website but after a while I started realising how much I got from the videos. With all the new knowledge that I gained I found that I started seeing more and more situations that was applicable to my daily interaction not only with staff members but also with learners and parents. I have to say that the training sessions have helped me a lot to make better decisions and I now am more eager to watch more videos and gain more knowledge.

I found the website itself easy to manoeuvre and got use to the layout quickly. You can customise the site as to your own specifications and how you would like it. Personally I prefer to have everything in a list format that show me how I have completed it all. The videos are easy to access and it plays without a hassle. If you have done one video you are good to go for the next by just answering a few simple questions. I prefer to set the video up and continue with work while I listen to the video. The video’s are not long and they don’t require you to look at the screen the whole time.

Thank you CPTD-Online for making my CPTD process easy and effective.     ” Su-ann Steinberg, Secondary School Principal, Academic : Royal Schools        

” I work full-time at a school as a teaching assistant, I coach sport after school and I am studying full time after hours. This leaves little time in a day to do extra courses to enhance and improve not only my CV but also the manner in which I treat the learners I come in contact with daily. CPTD-Online has made it easy to learn more about and how to identify and treat everyday issues in our school environments, such as divorce, trauma, teen pregnancies, anxiety and cultural diversity. The best part of this learning platform is I can do it all while sitting in a relaxed environment and completing it in the time I have available, which is usually past 8 in the evening. The site is extremely easy to navigate and the modules are broken up into small manageable sizes that helped me stay focused. I also enjoyed the fact that when I needed a refresher, I was able to log onto my account and listen to the content again. CPTD-Online is a great program that I would recommend all teachers and teaching students join. Thank you for making it easy to better myself. ” Jené Merry

Anonomous course feedback:

An overview of the divorce child and the teachers’ role:

This really gives me a broader understanding of the effects that divorce has on a child. It also gives me insight as how I should act or assist in a professional manner in such cases.

Such an eye opener as divorcing parents can negatively impact on the child’s overall well being. Knowledge of their living circumstances enable the teacher to realize the child’s fragile state thereby applying necessary measures.

 Effective communication skills:

The presentation was clear, well-structured and interesting.
Thank you.

I personal thank you for the course it has improved my level of communication and developed my professional skills
thank you so much

thank so much for the course it has really given me a better understanding of the different channels as well as ways of communication and
how to use it more effectively

 About CPTD:

I’m empowered. It was easy to understand the course

thank you so much I had so much fun and gained very powerful

Great course, encourages teachers to strive to do better so they
can reach their full potential.

 Racism and Ethnicity:

Course content was very relevant and applicable to most social and work settings in South Africa. 

I found it helpful in understanding especially the difference between race and ethnicity.

The course was highly informative considering the fact that we are in a rainbow nation and we interact with staff members and learners from
different ethnic and racial backgrounds.

This course helps remove the veil of ignorance, very informative.

  Basic counselling skills: 

The course helped me a lot, now I have clear understanding on our learners and the challenging they are facing.

great course

 Cultural diversity:

Great information to give better understanding of the different cultures.


Accessing professional services:

Great course involves the teacher so you can be on the lookout for problems children are facing.

Thank you for empowering me.

 Managing politics in schools:

This is a hard subject when working with people who have strong opinions, this course helps navigate and manage things in the school environment.

Great and informative topic.

 Teenage depression:

The course helped me to look at depression in a different way

 Children dealing with trauma:

Very helpful course and well presented.

I’ve learned a lot. Thank you so much for our assistance in how to deal with my own trauma as well as the learners in my class.

We as educators sometimes forget that our learners also needs us as a constant especially when it comes to dealingwith trauma from home. Thank you for the guidance on how to support such learners

There is hope when you can cope:

Informative and helpful for daily personal use.

Test and exam anxiety:

The course was helpful because it gave us the learner’s perspective on how they feel when they are pointed out in class.

It has helped me developed skills in supporting learners dealing with anxiety in exams

Good and informative also gives tools on how to support learners

An eye-opener. I wasn’t really aware of the magnitude of test and exam stress. I used to take it lightly.

Change management:

Thank you for helping me to develop my professional skills by teaching me ways of dealing with change.

Very good practical course, thank you

 Screen time and Social Media:

I have learnt how social media can cause negligent towards the loved ones and how to eliminate this.

A course that is very relevant to help me deal with the young generation’s challenges with social media.

The course is highly appreciated.

 Teenage pregnancy:

A very helpful and eye-opening course.

As a life orientation teacher the extensive knowledge was beneficial.

I have learnt the importance of knowing the policy with regards to the teenage pregnancy

What an inspiring course .An eye opener on how do to deal with teenage cases like this.

 Educator, learner dynamics:

It really helps in knowing how to deal with learners of different behaviours and attitudes.

It has greatly developed my knowledge

Amazing insight.

 Dynamics in the staffroom:

Thank you for teaching us different ways how to deal with diversity in the staff room

Developed ways of handling my fellow workers in my working place

I really learned a lot from this course.

Teacher wellness in the digital world 4IR:

Thank you for teaching us ways to balance our daily lives in the fourth revolution and giving us guidance to a
healthy lifestyle

Very helpful indeed

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