Additional information with regards to leadership in education

You do not have to be a Principal to be in a position to lead. Sometimes it is the learners in your class and sometimes you need to lead your colleagues.

Tips to be a better leader

  • Empowering School Principals to manage schools effectively in the 21st Century, click here to read the article published in the South African journal of Education.
  • School-based management: the micro-political interactions among the headteacher, directors, teachers and parents, click here to read online.
  • The Politics of Educational Leadership, Its implications for Secondary school improvement in Rivers state, click here to read online .
  • Community participation in School Management in Developing countries, click here to read the online article from Oxford Research Encyclopedias.
  • Violence in School report, a publication by UNISA, read here 
  • Teacher to teacher advise on how to manage politics in school – click here to read

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