A reflection on assessment

Aligning Assessment with Long-term Learning
Boud, D. & Falchikov, N. (August, 2006). Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, Vol. 31, No. 4, p. 399-413 
This page explores the role of assessment in higher education.
Structures for Assessment
Understanding what our Geosciences Students are Learning: Observing and Assessing
On the cutting edge, professional development for geosciences faculty. Carleton College
This site contains activities for evaluating student learning, and ways to use different assessment methods in different learning environments.
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
Institutional and Assessment Studies, University of Virginia
This site includes many discipline specific examples of student learning outcomes, and addresses ways to assess them. 
Enabling Learner Centered Education through Student Learning Assessment
Office of Academic Assessment, Northern Arizona University
This site includes models and examples of simple strategies for meeting several key assessment purposes.  Each example has brief descriptions of how the assessment strategy was developed and used to improve student learning.
Assessment of Academic Programs and Student Outcomes
University of Wisconsin, Madison
4 Things all project based learning Teachers should do

The pedagogy of Blended learning – a principal’s reflection 

Assessment forms a very important part of the teaching and learning process, are we up to date with the latest information?

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